Pinion Wire


Our gear pinion line is a spur gear with a face width of 4 feet, no hubs, and no holes. The gear teeth are pulled out (formed but not generated) over the full length of the pinion wire.
Most commonly, the pinion wire is cut to the specific length required, while the holes and hubs are machined to meet the application requirements – usually when spur gears are not in stock.

Product Features

  • The pinion wire teeth are drawn rather than machined and are highly cost-effective.
  • It offers fewer teeth than cutting gears.
  • Pinion gear lines are ideal for developing prototype gears for new applications.
  • We can customize the pinion wire to the specific requirements of your application, making it the perfect choice for non-standard manufacturing equipment.
  • It is available in brass and steel to suit every need.
  • 14 1/2° PA, 24, 32 and 48 DP meet different engineering requirements.