Change Gears


Our gear change gears are primarily used on machine tools to provide varying cutting speeds while using a constant speed input. All gear shifting gears are double-keyed to accept the composite steel bushing that connects the two gears, allowing them to rotate on the intermediate shaft. Our stock shifting gears range from 20-tooth to 128-tooth gears in one-tooth increments, depending on the diameter pitch, with virtually unlimited ratio possibilities.
Many gears with various bores, keyways, and setscrews are usually stocked. Still, if the specific bore/keyway/set screw combination is not readily available, our machining experts can replace any non-hardened gear and ship it within 24 hours. Just ask!

Product Features

  • Our shifting gears range from 20 to 128 teeth, offering unlimited gear ratio possibilities.
  • The 14 1/2° PA ensures smooth, quiet operation.
  • These shifting gears are available in steel and cast iron to suit various application requirements.
  • Composite steel bushings designed specifically for these shifting gears are available to maximize performance.
  • We guarantee same-day delivery schedules to ensure timely delivery.