Spur Gears


Designed to transfer motion and power between parallel shafts, our spur gears are the most economical gears in the power transmission industry.
We offer 14 1/2° and 20° PA (pressure angle), involute, and full-depth system gears. 20°PA is generally considered to have higher load-carrying capacity; however, 14 1/2° PA gears are also widely used. This is because the lower pressure angle reduces backlash variations due to center distance variations and concentricity errors. The 14 1/2° PA also offers a higher contact ratio for smoother, quieter operation.
Many different gears with various bores, keyways, and setscrews are usually stocked, but if the specific bore/keyway/set screw combination required is not readily available, our machining experts can replace any non-hardened gear and ship within 24 days Hour. Just ask!

Product Features

  • Efficiently transmit motion and power between parallel axes.
  • Our 20° PA spur gears have a high load-carrying capacity for improved performance.
  • 14 1/2° PA spur gears provide smooth, quiet operation.
  • For maximum versatility, spur gears are manufactured in non-metallic, brass, steel, and cast iron.
  • Non-metallic (Phenolic Class C) materials provide quiet, corrosion-resistant operation.