Gear Rack


Racks convert rotational motion to linear when used with spur gears. Our racks are designed to work with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears.
Often, racks are modified to suit specific applications. This may include drilling and tapping mounting holes, cutting to a specific length, or matching the ends of two racks to create a longer continuous length than stock.

Product Features

  • Our racks and pinions are available in 14 1/2° and 20° PA to meet a wide range of application requirements.
  • Available in 4′ and 6′ lengths
  • A choice of 48 to 3 DP can meet equally diverse needs.
  • Length tolerance allows matching ends for easy modification.
  • Our nylon and steel stocks ensure availability and compatibility.
  • Because it perfectly matches the spur gear, our racks guarantee excellent performance.