Plastic Spur Gears with Steel Core



Product specification

Form-true gears for medium loads if a snugly fitting, high-strength shaft-hub connection and high chemical resistance are required.
Spur gears made of plastic with a metal core, one-sided hub, and straight teeth
Special technical plastic with very good mechanical strength properties
Metal core for snugly fitting, high-strength shaft-hub-connections
Optimal force transmission due to cylindrical contact area
Good dry-running properties
Good temperature resistance
Not fire-proof and hydrolysis-resistant
High hardness and low friction coefficient can be used in various underwater setups.
Chemically resistant to dilute alkalis, hydrocarbons, saturated oils, fats, and aromatic compounds. Limited resistance to ketones and esters. Not resistant against hot water/suds

Technical specification

Material: PA 12 G with a molded-in metal core made of stainless steel 1.4305
Type: milled teeth, straight tooth system, pressure angle 20°
Quality: 8e25 DIN 3967
Module teeth (DIN 867):
1.5: tooth width (b): 17 mm
2.0: tooth width (b): 20 mm
2.5: tooth width (b): 25 mm (on request)
4.0: tooth width (b): 40 mm (on request)
Temperature range: -60 to +120 °C, for short periods of time +150 °C

Plastic Spur Gears with Steel Core